Brilliantly British

We are often asked how Case Station started. We didn’t show up in the night staking our claim, it was a long process…we worked and persisted. Hands got dirty and a story was written. As with most good stories, there is a long version and a short one. Abbreviated, the Case Station story began decades ago with a young chap named Peter. Brown-haired and twinkle-eyed, he grew up outside London, sharing a room with his three brothers. With British perseverance in his blood, he dreamed of ways to change the world. Never taking “no” for an answer, or limiting himself to the possible, Peter was unstoppable.

Years of experience and pockets full of intuition, lead Peter and his team to create the technology to transfer custom images and designs to multiple surfaces. His British roots defined the need for premium quality and durable goods, and his appetite for perfection made certain it was achieved. From that, Case Station was born.

Like our fearless leader, Case Station strives for excellence. What is “good enough” for others, is not for us. We offer the very best customer experience, technology and products available. Always growing, improving…ever-changing, we have re-shaped the Case Station site to give you more. As you click through, you will notice a fresh new look and easier navigation, quick access to your account information, more detailed images of products, and a refined and refreshed customer service and chat. Plus, now you can save all the products you love though Wishlist, Refer A Friend for a 10% off promo code, checkout using Credit/Debit Card, Paypal or Amazon Pay, and design a case online or on the NEW Mobile App! Best of all…SAME DAY SHIPPING (order before 12 pm local GMT/CST) and FREE DELIVERY (domestic)! Please note the references to our British roots. We are proud of where we started and we are excited about where we are going.

Take a look for yourself.

Born in Britain. Made for the World.