I’m The Big Boss


Getting To Know Henry Woodd, CEO

Henry Woodd is the CEO for Case Station. His approach to work mimics his approach to life…Know your audience, push the boundaries and evolve. Here are a few fun facts about the big boss.

ME: When you were 4, what was your dream job?
HENRY: Being Super Ted

ME: What is your favorite childhood memory?
HENRY: Playing hide and seek in the sand dunes in Daymer Bay, Cornwall, U.K.

ME: Of all the colors, what is your favorite color crayon?
HENRY: I preferred markers…and using them all at the same time..!

ME: What is something you did as a kid that you still do?
HENRY: Push my boundaries. Be determined about what you want to achieve.

ME: Tell me your most embarrassing moment:
HENRY: Playing cricket. The coach was talking too much about strategy while in the middle of a very large field. I needed to pee….I didn’t make it : (…My leg was very warm for a moment.

ME: What were you like in school?
HENRY: I wasn’t academic. I was and still am a visual learner. Text books didn’t work for me. I put more emphasis on sport and performance in Hockey, Rugby and Football.

ME: What was your first job?
HENRY: Mowing lawns / Waiting tables

ME: What was your worst job?
HENRY: Waiter…Bad boss…Bad food that could have been great.

ME: Any advice for your worst Boss?
HENRY: Drop the ego, manage people how you would wish to be treated with dignity and respect. If you don’t value what you are doing, the people you hire won’t either.

ME: What inspires you?
HENRY: Pushing the boundaries, refining, improving, and evolving as a person and business principle. I am also inspired by the differences in people and cultures. Witnessing those achieving the impossible and taking it one step further is a huge motivator. I draw inspiration from nature, design, architecture and the combining of aesthetic and purpose.

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