Our Story

Sustainable by design

Case Station exists to ignite creativity in all of us; we’re built to help everyone create. 

Whether it’s the artist decorating a phone case with their latest design, a gift, a moment in time, or a life’s work, it is unique. 

But it’s not just creativity that drives us. Here at Case Station, our entire operating system is sustainable by design. 

It’s a system that goes beyond making smartphone accessories from sustainably-sourced materials that are Made for Life. 

We love to put money back into local communities, and to support charities who genuinely make a difference. 

Case Station’s global crew is made up of a group of people that are passionate about delivering quality and service, not just for our customers, but for our communities and suppliers too.  

We believe in a world that designs products with the environment, supply chains, and the customer in mind.

Our story started over 20 years ago, but we’ll be writing it for decades to come.