Our Story

To be honest….It’s very good!

The story of Case Station begins decades ago with a young chap named Peter. Brown-haired and twinkle-eyed, he grew up outside London, sharing a room with his three brothers. His father flew Spitfire’s for the Royal Air Force, so young Peter yearned to fuel his life with that same sense of exhilaration. With his entire life ahead of him, and British perseverance in his blood, he dreamed of ways to change the world. Never taking “no” for an answer, or limiting himself to the possible, Peter was unstoppable.

While working with the greatest bands-we can’t say Who, sailing the high seas, building houses, living abroad, creating,tinkering, and developing…he built a life, and his first brand. With years of experience and pockets full of intuition, Peter and his team created the technology to transfer custom images and designs to multiple surfaces. His British roots defined the need for premium quality and durable goods, and his appetite for perfection made certain it was achieved.

Jump forward a decade from that first brand, turn once brown hair to striking white, and welcome the rise of Case Station. We have spent the last ten years engineering and patenting the best products and technologies.

Unrivaled, Case Station ignites creativity, and allows customers to tell the story of who they are. We dare you to be different; to break away from the crowd.
We dare you to be like Peter.

Maybe you are the next brilliant Band Manager, Sailor, Contractor or Engineer. Case Station hopes to be the inspiration in your pocket. We are made for life.