Giving Greatly – Holiday Gift Guide

Case Station Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year when finding the perfect gift sometimes eludes us. What do you give the people on your list that seem to have everything? Or those who you want to impress with your grand gift giving skills? Giving greatly can be easily accomplished by keeping three things in mind.

First, what do you want your gift to say? Gifts are a form of appreciation and communication. A personal gift like a custom iPhone case with a trendy artist design, says, I know you, I know your sense of style, and I want to give you something you will love. A personalized Samsung case with a special photo reminds the recipient of a special moment you shared together and conveys your appreciation of the friendship. When you are making your lists, consider the recipient, your relationship with them, and exactly what message you are trying to declare.

Second, what do they need? Take a look at the lifestyle of the person you are gifting. Give a gift that could help make their life easier–better even. Maybe you have a friend who rushes around and is always running out of power on their phone…consider a Battery Pack or a Charge & Sync Key Cable. Have any clumsy friends? Buy them a tough case for their iPhone or Samsung. By filling a void, you just may be gifting your friend time in their day or extra money in their pocket.

Third, give a piece of yourself. A personalized gift like a custom apple watch band or a personalized iPhone case lets your friends and family know you took the time and gave their gift some thought. Leave behind a piece of yourself with every gift you give this holiday season. Top it off with a special message letting them know exactly why they are important.

When you scroll through the pages of Case Station on your grand mission to Giving Greatly, think about all of the creative ways you can succeed. Create a personalized case for the Pet Lover on your list. Find something perfect for your techy friend, like a Charge & Sync Cable. Give the writer on your list a beautiful Custom notebook with an inspiring pattern. That friend of yours who is always singing…gift him a bluetooth speaker. If you take a little time, you will succeed at gifting greatly.

And I promise, Giving Greatly feels better than receiving. Happy Holidays to You and Yours.