Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Case Station has the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Looking for a gift for your best friend…look no further. For your office buddy…we have the perfect gift. Check out our Holiday Gift Guide and get shopping. No time to waste. Last day to ship domestically and get it by Christmas is December 18, 2016.


GIFTS FOR HER  She’s trendy, sassy and the life of every party…and you need to find her the perfect gift. Check out the smartphone artist cases in Case Station Artist Collaborations and find the perfect case that reflects her spirit. Or, make a case just for her with your favorite BFF pic. Is she a journal-er or a perpetual list maker? Then make her a personalized Notebook. Case Station has something for everyone…and we have Santa’s top Elves in our Gift Shop to make it just for her.


GIFTS FOR HIM  He’s rugged, outgoing and always well-dressed…and you need to find him a gift he will remember. Make him a case with his “big catch” so he will stop talking about the one that got away. Or, find an artist case in Case Station Artist Collaborations that defines his personality. Maybe he needs a new tech keychain or a charger…We’ve got something for all the guys in your life. You can get all of your gifts at Case Station!


GIFTS FOR EVERYONE  At a complete loss for what to get someone on your list? You can’t go wrong with a tech gift. Nearly everyone on the planet has a smartphone, and if they don’t…well, I don’t know. Case Station has awesome Accessories from Charge & Sync Key Cables, Screen Protectors, Smartphone Car Mounts, to a Bluetooth Speaker, Battery Chargers and more. Tech makes the perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa Gift.

Use this guide to fill the family’s stockings, or just crush it with your friends. Happy Gifting!