Back to School!


For kids and parents alike, the first day of term after the summer holidays is one of the biggest days in the year. Time to put the long, lazy August days behind you and get ready for the excitement and challenges of getting back to school. Lots of people will be starting new schools and it will also be a very important year for everyone with big exams coming up next May and June. It could be that some people are getting their very first phones of their own!

There’s so many things to think about but there’s an easy way to make sure worrying about a phone isn’t one of them: get a great case and you’ll know it’s protected and easy to pick out from everyone else’s! Good cases are not like the type you can get for a few pounds in a street corner kiosk and you won’t find the range and variety of phone cases in these kiosks you can find online.


Great protection for that precious smartphone: Smartphones are only so resilient and screens can easily be cracked. Thousands of people break their phones every year and insurance rarely covers what buyers think it will. If you break it so badly it needs replacing, that can be hundreds of pounds. A good case not only protects your phone if you drop it but will also give a better grip than some of the smooth metal and glass surfaces on smartphones. We make our cases from space grade materials which means we can make Snap cases incredibly strong but so slim they barely change the outline of your phone.


Always know which one is yours: Chances are that in places like schools, dozens of people will have the same phone, so how do you tell them apart? An individual phone case will mean it’s easy to pick out your phone from all the others in a classroom, playground or cafe. No case of mistaken identity….


Make a case as individual as you are: A custom phone case can be unique, a one-off which says ‘you’ like nothing else can! There are so many ways you can personalise your phone case and express your individuality. A favourite sports team? Your school badge? Or a quote from your favourite book or poem? Maybe even a picture of you with your name to make your phone impossible to mix up? Let your imagination go and create something really cool!


Image quality is excellent and will last and last. No fading with use or in the sun, colours will zing day in, day out and your case will look as good months from now as the day you got it.


There are so many good reasons for getting a phone case for going back to school.