Who Needs A Custom Phone Case?


You have a beautiful smartphone, designed by one of the world’s best product designers, using some of the most advanced materials outside NASA and curved, bevelled and engineered to fit perfectly into your hand. Why would anyone need a case?

Well, that beautiful smartphone is only so resilient. Thousands of people break their phones every year and insurance rarely covers what buyers think it will: http://tinyurl.com/zxtnd7r

Scratches are very common, screen cracks happen even more often and are even more annoying as you see them every time you use your phone. And if you break your phone so badly it needs replacing, that will be over £500 for any recent smartphone.

A good phone case will not only protect your expensive phone, it will give you a better grip than some of the super smooth glass and metal used to create high end designs. And good cases are made from amazingly strong and light materials too, so your protective case will not spoil the sleek lines of your phone.

That great phone you persuaded yourself to get will also persuade many other people. There are only so many different models out there. In a busy home, office, bar or classroom, how will you know which is yours? With a personalised phone case, there’s no room for mistakes or arguments, you’ll always know which one to grab!

But maybe most importantly, smartphones may have great design and mind boggling functionality but personality?……not so much. This is where you come in! Take pretty much any image, or maybe 2 or 3 images, and make a custom phone case which is completely unique, a one-off which says ‘you’ like nothing else can! Your favorite team or celebrity? Your BFF? Favorite game or movie? Your kids? A special occasion? Let your imagination go and create something really cool.

Image quality is normally excellent and will last and last. No fading with use or in the sun, colors will zing day in, day out and your case will look as good months from now as the day you got it. Good cases are not like the type you can pick up for a few pounds in a street corner kiosk and these places won’t have the range and variety of phone cases you can find online.

Custom phone cases can make great gifts, so maybe create something really memorable for someone close to you and know they’ll enjoy it every time they pick up their phone! Birthdays, anniversaries, occasions like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, or a day you can have some fun with like St Patrick’s Day or Halloween. All great times to show someone they are special enough to get a really thoughtful gift from you.

So maybe you started out thinking you didn’t need a personalised phone case but there are so many good reasons to get one, you can really see why more and more people are convinced they do. Protect your smartphone and make it uniquely yours! Check this out.