case station

I’m The Big Boss

  Getting To Know Henry Woodd, CEO Henry Woodd is the CEO for Case Station. His approach to work mimics his approach to life…Know your audience, push the boundaries and evolve. Here are a few fun facts about the big boss. ME: When you were 4, what was your dream job? HENRY: Being Super Ted […]

Getting To Know Peter Woodd

Peter Woodd is the Global CEO for Case Station. He is not your ordinary CEO, sitting in an office and not wanting to be bothered with the daily happenings of his business. He is aware of all of it. He is in it from start to finish. I have known and worked with Peter for […]

Brilliantly British

We are often asked how Case Station started. We didn’t show up in the night staking our claim, it was a long process…we worked and persisted. Hands got dirty and a story was written. As with most good stories, there is a long version and a short one. Abbreviated, the Case Station story began decades […]

You and MU Studio!

Case Station is proud to launch the MU Studio Collection by Sebastian. The collaboration between globally recognised Case Station, and MU Studio, ensures the ever growing content behind the brand offers something to suit every aesthetic. MU Studio’s expressive work can be placed on a range of smartphone cases. About MU Studio If there is a space where Sebastian moves like a fish […]